Long term insurance products

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Cooke Fuller Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd and Cooke Fuller Risk Benefits (Pty) Ltd are managed by Emma Fuller and Adrian Fuller, both of whom are Certified Financial PlannersĀ®. Emma and Adrian have combined experience of 22 years and are both members of the Financial Planning Institute.

Cooke Fuller Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd and Cooke Fuller Risk Benefits (Pty) Ltd render advice and intermediary services in the following areas of Financial Planning.

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  • Investment planning (portfolio structuring, performance tracking, risk profiling)
  • Retirement planning (retirement annuities, endowment policies)
  • Estate planning (life cover)
  • Business Assurance (partnership assurance, key man assurance, contingent liability insurance, loan account redemption plans)

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Cooke Fuller Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd specialises in the administration of Pension and Provident Funds, as well as Group Funeral Schemes. Clients also have access to our in-house scheme, The Complete Health and Medical Plan. This Scheme, administered by Cooke Fuller Risk Benefits (Pty) Ltd, offers individual products such as Group Life Assurance, and Income Protection, at group rates. The Scheme has been developed over the past 25 years and offers a comprehensive range of Benefits to over 300 Clients.

Cooke Fuller Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd and Cooke Fuller Risk Benefits (Pty) Ltd render independent and impartial advice via contracts with the following Insurers and Investment Houses:

Old Mutual; Sanlam; Liberty; Ovation Global Investment Services; Marriott; Metropolitan; PSG; Futurewealth PSG; Allan Gray; Momentum; Investec.

Our retail Clients have recognised the need for thorough and realistic retirement planning as well as the critical importance of Business Assurance. Protecting our Clients through the careful consideration of these areas of financial planning is and has always been of paramount importance to us. This, coupled with our Company's strong succession plan, continues to provide comfort to our Clients.

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Cooke Fuller Group provides cover for medical aid shortfalls.