A Year of Change for the Better for Cooke Fuller Group


Established and renowned local brokerage, The Cooke Fuller Group, recently undertook extensive research into its client needs and decided on a new way forward to better align its services with these needs: a migration to an improved, more modern brand, leading to the formation of Cooke Fuller Group.

Over the past 30 years or so, The Cooke Fuller Group has built a solid and reliable reputation based on excellent professional experience coupled with relationship based service to their clients. It is this commitment to their clients and their dedication to constantly improving every aspect of their products and services that has enabled Cooke Fuller to enjoy the success they have.

CFGGGGG 1 70 12009 saw Cooke Fuller Group expand into the Howick area, and the new branch has been set up in a beautiful office space. The expansion has been extremely successful, and Cooke Fuller is proud to be providing the same personal service to their Howick client base as the Kloof branch. The basic philosophy of Cooke Fuller Group is completely client centred. Each and every client is given the same impeccable service because they understand their clients are central to their business. 

The company lives up to its motto 'we look after you', with staff that are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their clients, resulting in long term, trusted client relationships. Cooke Fuller Group offers a wide range of services, including short term insurance, long term insurance and financial planning. A number of highly qualified Account Managers are trained to advise both private individuals, and small, medium and large businesses in all of their insurance needs. As a company that has always been focused on offering only the best personal service and advice, the new Cooke Fuller Group can only grow from strength to strength.