Explaining The Third Party Recovery Procedure

Someone has just reversed their car straight into your parked vehicle…………….

Sitting at a red robot and bang – you have been hit from behind by a driver who could not stop in time………………..

After a lovely lunch out, you return to your vehicle to find it badly damaged by an “ unknown “ driver……..

Now you will have to put a claim forward to your Insurers, you may have to pay an excess (first amount payable) to the Repairer and your premiums are going to increase. Why ? This was not your fault at all !! However, your Insurers will claim this back from the guilty Third Party and everything will return to normal – or will it?

In an attempt to manage your expectations and fully explain the Third Party Recovery process, please take a few minutes to read this explanation of the procedures involved in a recovery and the potential problems that arise.

Once your vehicle has been repaired – the Recovery process begins.  Insurers either handle this recovery of the full amount of the damages (including your excess paid) in house, or it may be outsourced to a Legal Department or firm of Attorneys.

In an ideal world, the Third Party involved would have reported the incident to his Insurers, given a truthful account of what happened and all will be well – the Insurers outlay plus your excess will be recovered from the Third Party Insurers and everyone will be happy that they had the correct Insurance cover in place.

However, this is what could go wrong resulting in delays and in some instances, an unsuccessful recovery attempt.

  • The Third Party involved may not have given you correct contact details and Insurers are therefore unable to locate the person
  • The Third Party may not have reported the incident to his own Insurers and as such, they are unable to proceed with your recovery until their own client lodges a claim
  • The Insurers of the Third Party may have repudiated his claim for a variety of reasons (unpaid premiums, un-roadworthy vehicle, no drivers licence)
  • The Third Party may dispute your version of the incident and blames you for the damages (including damages to his vehicle) – without an Independent witness to substantiate your version, it may result in a “ he said, she said “ scenario where no-one can prove their version of events

All of the above and indeed, many more factors, may hamper the recovery of your outlay and the subsequent reinstatement of your No Claim Bonus.  This is not your Insurers fault – remember that they stand to lose the most here and it will always be beneficial for them to succeed with a recovery.

Any and all Insurance policies state that the excess (or first amount payable) must be paid in the event of you submitting a claim to them.  This is irrespective of who might be to blame for the incident……you are claiming and the first amount payable is for your account.

A final hurdle that is sometimes encountered is the pace at which the Third Party Insurer may work.  Once they have been notified of your Insurers intention to recover the damages, they would deal with the claim in line with their own internal processes and this may not be at the speed we would want it to be.

Rest assured, we will always try our best to secure a full recovery for you, our Client.